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  Willkommen bei OnBoard

           ... dem etwas anderen Board-Shop,
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Warum CrazyFly ?

CrazyFly Kiteboarding is celebrating 10 years anniversary
Ever since we started producing CrazyFly kiteboards we were striving for highest build quality and top performance. Over the ten year period we have been able to stick to our mission  due to constant innovations in production processes, choosing recently innovated materials and coming up with innovative technologies on the products themselves. We have kept our true face in producing full carbon kiteboards, while other companies are  only talking about carbon in their boards, we are still producing high performance full carbon kiteboards. Based on our ten years experience and tests, we simply believe that if you want the highest performance board, carbon is irreplaceable.

Ten years is a lot of time and it certainly was a lot of work to get the product and the brand to the level where they stand today. Therefore we would like to sincerely say thank you very much to everybody who helped us along the way. Especially we would  like to thank our distributors, dealers, riders, suppliers and of course all of our retail customers. Your support is highly appreciated here at CrazyFly and we will continue to do our best in providing the highest quality Kiteboarding equipment.
We believe we have proven that CrazyFly brand is the symbol of highest quality on the Kiteboarding market.

Let the new Era of CrazyFly begin
After ten years of working very hard on the kiteboards we have decided to enlarge the company and add a new product line of water kites. We believe the new Era of CrazyFly company  with the kite project will be as successful as our kiteboards. We have been testing, developing and collecting feedbacks about our kites for almost two years and we are sure that CrazyFly kites have the quality standards required to be branded as CrazyFly.

We do have a lot of improved and new stuff for the 2011 season, so make sure to check out all of the new products, pics and videos.

Remember, whatever product it is, CrazyFly is always quality you can trust



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